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Curiosity spared the Dog?

We all know why the Cat died, right? Curiosity killed it, of course. That seems a little unfair though, no? I mean, its not just the Cat that’s curious? For reasons that’ll become obvious in a bit, this proverb has piqued my interest in recent times. So I decided it was time for some extensive research on the subject, which these days amounts to running about four queries on a Search engine of choice. And if that research is anything to go by, the experts tell me that the true origins of the proverb aren’t traceable. Go figure!

I guess it helps that the Cat has nine lives? I’d like to think that they get killed a few times, say 3 or 4, and eventually learn their lesson and stop being curious so they can live happily ever after? Maybe that’s why Cats were chosen as the victims here? Really, after having seen dogs and cats up close, it is quite obvious to me that Dogs are way more curious. If there was anyone that need to be taught a lesson for being curious, it would have to be man’s loyal canine companion. Anytime you walk in the door, Z will absolutely want to know everything you are carrying. It could be a bag, a box or even a ticking time bomb – does not matter, we will want to sniff it to death. And if the said subject is moving, then we will practically go crazy trying to figure out what it is, why it is where it is, how many different angles can we approach it from, will it attack, can I eat it etc – just an endless list of questions. It is why I think God gave Dogs their long snouts, don’t you? They really were meant to be probes that help to satisfy their curiosity. When was the last time you saw a Cat with a Snout? Good, so we agree?

If you don’t, I am sure a walk with Z will put any doubts to rest. She will stick her nose in every possible bush and want to explore it inside out – I’ve actually followed her into some of these bushes myself, and I kid you not, there is absolutely nothing there. Yet, we could pass the exact same bush tomorrow, and I know we’ll go thru the whole ritual all over again, and with the same excitement and passion as our very first trip to that bush.

And don’t even get me started on any wet spots on the road. The rain is bad enough, but if the spots were left behind by another four-legged friend, then I might as well get a chair and sit down. The walk is about to come to a grinding half, and we aren’t leaving anytime soon. We will need to thoroughly analyze every single whiff and trace the family tree of the dog that had dared to relieve itself on the street. Yes, in a weird sense it is a tad repulsive but when she’s your own, its also somewhat endearing because you realize this is one of the few effective ways they have to relate to each other.

Yeah, so curious or not, Dogs are adorable after all! I am glad Curiosity decided to go after the Cat instead 🙂


Dogs – Get yourself one!

So, we’ve had a bunch of visitors at home lately, and surprisingly, a lot of them seem to be absolutely terrified of dogs. The reason that matters is because we have a 16-month old black Lab at home, Zoey. She is the effusive kind, and simply loves to show her affection by jumping all over you – clearly she means no harm, but the passion and energy with which she chooses to express herself, she can easily unnerve the strongest and bravest of souls. So I can understand the fear in their eyes when the first see her, the hesitation in their step as they enter the house – and I find myself telling them, “Oh don’t worry, she means no harm…she is a real softie.” Judging by their reaction, I think its safe to say that they aren’t buying it. I wouldn’t say it if I don’t believe it, and so it pains me that some of these folks insist on having us lock Z up in a room while they are around – its like asking me to lock up someone that we treat as family, but what do you do? I guess I can understand their fear – after all, I used to be terrified of dogs until we got her home and can distinctly remember having asked one of my friends who had a pair of dogs to confine them behind closed doors while I was visiting. I was “uncomfortable” around dogs – really, that just means I was afraid, and I felt it right to have them locked up so they wouldn’t devour me alive. Now, looking back and after my experience with our own, I am ashamed that I had acted that way – I really should have made an effort. I think what changed was having Z grow up with us – she was 2 months old when she came home and having her around all the time and watching her grow from the tiny baby that she was certainly made things easier.

Now, I feel pretty good about myself that I have made it to the other side – and I have my wife to thank for convincing me that we should get a pup home and for helping me wade through the initial days of uncertainty, but after having crossed over, I can fully appreciate what a phenomenally life-changing experience owning a dog is. The constant supply of selfless love, the “i-dont-care-how-mad-you-get-at-me-i’ll-still-love-you-the-same” look in their eyes, their obvious euphoria when they watch you step in the house (even if you’ve only been gone 10 minutes, they act like they’ve missed you for years – it does wonders for your ego, I assure you), their innate ability to make you feel good no matter how gloomy things are, those are all just the perks. Having her around has so enhanced the feel-good factor, I highly recommend those of you that are considering adopting a pup going ahead and actually doing it. And for the rest of you, give them a chance – you won’t regret it, you will be quite surprised at how much a part of you they become and wishing you had actually done this a long time ago. Trust me, you’ll absolutely enjoy the attention they give you

On a somewhat unrelated note, here is a cool iPad review video that I thought a true dog-lover might enjoy. I know I did!