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And the angel turns 2!

Dear V,
You walked into our life (Well, more like crawled at that point) a little over 6 months ago, and since then, you’ve really been the center of it all. And how fantastic that change has been! Life seems to have a higher purpose now, a lot more meaning than academic excellence, corporate accomplishments and material gains – things that were so important at one point all seem so trivial in comparison now. I know I was told to always expect that, but actually experiencing that change has been very fulfilling (one of the classic ironies in life, I guess!) and humbling.

Well, today, my dear little angel, you turn 2 and A and I couldn’t be more thrilled that you have accepted us and allowed us into your life. You have given us more joy and satisfaction in these last 6 months than we have ever experienced, and for that, we can’t thank you enough. I know it was all very confusing when you stepped in the door – and I am sure you wondered who these strange people were, why you were in their house and when this ordeal was going to end. I truly hope those fears have now settled. I know the early months were a little rough, but I want to assure you that you are now in a safe and secure place, a home where we deeply care about you and where your mom and I plan to utilize every ounce of our strength and energy to give you the happiness and the joy that you so fully deserve. We are very proud of you, sweetie, you are such a pleasure to be around, so effortlessly bringing a smile to people’s faces. I am thrilled that you are not shy, that you mix so well with people. And I am speechless when I see how brave you are – whether it was feeling at home from day One, or allowing Zoey into your life, or even going off to school all on your own right from the start. When you trip and fall and hurt yourself, I am so overwhelmed that you are able to shake it off quickly and move on as if nothing happened. I sometimes wish I had the strength and resolve that you do – as you can tell, I am trying to learn from you on that front. I mean that will all my heart.

I know Appa has his imperfections, so trust him when he says he is working on those – but on the bright side, you have such a wonderful and caring Amma that more than makes up for all of that and more. And if that isn’t enough, you have an equally caring set of grandparents too – mummymma, paatti and the 2 thathas, and an amazingly loving circle of friends and family. You will soon get to know them personally and see how much they all adore you. And together, we all look forward to the many more milestones we will celebrate and cherish with you. Thank you for accepting us into your fold, dear V, and making our lives so much more meaningful and worthwhile. Happy Birthday, my darling!


Dogs – Get yourself one!

So, we’ve had a bunch of visitors at home lately, and surprisingly, a lot of them seem to be absolutely terrified of dogs. The reason that matters is because we have a 16-month old black Lab at home, Zoey. She is the effusive kind, and simply loves to show her affection by jumping all over you – clearly she means no harm, but the passion and energy with which she chooses to express herself, she can easily unnerve the strongest and bravest of souls. So I can understand the fear in their eyes when the first see her, the hesitation in their step as they enter the house – and I find myself telling them, “Oh don’t worry, she means no harm…she is a real softie.” Judging by their reaction, I think its safe to say that they aren’t buying it. I wouldn’t say it if I don’t believe it, and so it pains me that some of these folks insist on having us lock Z up in a room while they are around – its like asking me to lock up someone that we treat as family, but what do you do? I guess I can understand their fear – after all, I used to be terrified of dogs until we got her home and can distinctly remember having asked one of my friends who had a pair of dogs to confine them behind closed doors while I was visiting. I was “uncomfortable” around dogs – really, that just means I was afraid, and I felt it right to have them locked up so they wouldn’t devour me alive. Now, looking back and after my experience with our own, I am ashamed that I had acted that way – I really should have made an effort. I think what changed was having Z grow up with us – she was 2 months old when she came home and having her around all the time and watching her grow from the tiny baby that she was certainly made things easier.

Now, I feel pretty good about myself that I have made it to the other side – and I have my wife to thank for convincing me that we should get a pup home and for helping me wade through the initial days of uncertainty, but after having crossed over, I can fully appreciate what a phenomenally life-changing experience owning a dog is. The constant supply of selfless love, the “i-dont-care-how-mad-you-get-at-me-i’ll-still-love-you-the-same” look in their eyes, their obvious euphoria when they watch you step in the house (even if you’ve only been gone 10 minutes, they act like they’ve missed you for years – it does wonders for your ego, I assure you), their innate ability to make you feel good no matter how gloomy things are, those are all just the perks. Having her around has so enhanced the feel-good factor, I highly recommend those of you that are considering adopting a pup going ahead and actually doing it. And for the rest of you, give them a chance – you won’t regret it, you will be quite surprised at how much a part of you they become and wishing you had actually done this a long time ago. Trust me, you’ll absolutely enjoy the attention they give you

On a somewhat unrelated note, here is a cool iPad review video that I thought a true dog-lover might enjoy. I know I did!