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NBA, The National Basketball Association? Try ‘The National Wastebasket’

I used to be a big fan of the NBA during the Michael Jordan era – His Airness made it worth your while to watch every single Chicago bulls game, no matter what else was going on. And the consistency was amazing – he never, never disappointed. Well, the stint with the Washington Wizards was a different story, but we all make mistakes 😉 Anyways, going back to MJ with the Bulls, so many images come to mind – The six championship rings, the clutch shot at the buzzer to beat Elo and the Cleveland Cavaliers, being down with the flu and still coming up with a superhuman effort to beat Malone and the Jazz, the countless times when he took the ball when the game was on the line and delivered…I can just go on and on, but really, what was way more admirable than all of those accomplishments was the class and the dignity with which MJ handled himself on and off the court. It was impossible not to like, admire and respect him. You could tell simply from watching his opponents speak about him. Heck, I grew to liking the city of Chicago for no reason other than Jordan and the Bulls. Likewise, he was the only reason NBA games even seemed worth watching. And so, when he chose to retire for good, it was easy to stop following the games and the NBA in general. You missed Jordan and his class, but not the game.

In the years since, there have been several pretenders that have failed miserably at trying to take over that mantle – Kobe, for one. He certainly had the talent but really Kobe, it isn’t just about winning championships. Your frequent ego trips at LA, the scandal at the Colorado resort and all those spats with Shaq…including your most recent comment after winning your 5th championship that you have one more than Shaq? That speaks volumes, keep the class Brother! And Shaq was no slouch – with his obsession for the Superstar tag, he didn’t exactly win hearts over. But move over Kobe and Shaq, we have a new loser – the King himself. For a guy who has yet to win anything (sure, he was MVP multiple times but how valuable can you be if your team ends up with absolutely nothing to show for the efforts?), he surely knows how to ride the hype all the way. A one-hour sit down on Primetime national television to convey his decision on which team he is signing with? Seriously? If you missed the show, worry not – ESPN has you covered! All that hoopla for giving up on the organization and city that gave him his superstar status? Seriously, its hard to root for you anymore LeBron. WOW! With an ego that massive, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “best trio” that has ever played the game (Yeah, more class! Nice!) completely bombs at the office. In fact, I am almost certain it will. And just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers shows you why the NBA is indeed as much of a joke as it seems with his open letter!

Thank you Jordan! Thank you for your terrific talent, your work ethic, your wonderful attitude and for making the game such a delight to watch. We knew you were always an MVP both on and off the court, and the jokers that have followed you have done everything in their power to reinforce that image. No one should be allowed to wear 23 anymore, am glad the emperor’s new clothes say 6. Come on, Mr. Stern – can we retire the number 23 across the league already? It is the least you can do to protect the number from getting disgraced again!


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