Rambling on….

about anything under the Sun!

Ok, here we go again…

Its been a while since I last blogged – I’ve thought about getting back to it for a while now, but my laziness and my worry that I might stop again, as I did in my previous four attempts, kept me away. Until now, anyways. I figured the worst that could happen was that I would get lazy (again) and stop a fifth time, but its not like anyone’s going to care. So, that’s why I am here.

Today happens to be the the beginning of a New Year in the Tamil calendar, and that seemed like the perfect excuse to kick this off. And it turned to be a pretty good day, at least as far as the food department. Thanks to mom-in-law being town, we were treated to the traditional New Year lunch – with vadai and payasam on a lovely plantain leaf. I wish I had taken a picture for posterity, the food sure looked as good as it tasted. It reminded me of a recent debate with a friend on taking pictures of one’s food before you eat it, but I’ll save that topic for another day.

As I was driving to work after lunch, it made me wonder – when was the last time we had even celebrated New Years day? It used to be such an important day in our tradition, and one that my folks went to great lengths to please the Gods. Despite all the chores, it was actually fun. I don’t know if my kids will actually ever get to experience all that – sad but possibly true. Note to self – I should make sure my daughter gets to enjoy these traditions the next few years with her grandparents as much as possible. That might be the only exposure she gets!

And they tell you to begin a lot of good things on New Years day – the belief is that the goodness will multiply over the course of the year. I look back at my day today, and it was absolutely and complete ordinary. I sure hope that belief is just a myth, I will die of boredom if today represents what the next 12 months are going to hold for me. Well, all hope’s not lost – At least the Royal Challengers won tonight, hope they can repeat that a few more times in the coming weeks. So long…


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